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Vickers and Barrow are names synonymous with the development of the submarine. Hundreds of submarines covering virtually every class have been built for the Royal Navy and foreign Navies. This site is dedicated to not only to those who have served on Her Majesty's Submarines but also to those employees past and present whose skills and efforts have given pride to the phrase 'Barrow built' and made the name Vickers known and respected throughout the world.

On This Day - January 22

1917L11Laid Down
1917C14Leading Stoker Michael Forrest was killed as the result of a crank pit explosion in the engine room.
1943Varne (P66)Launched
1944Terrapin (P323)Completed
1945Stygian (P249)HMS Stygian sinks three Japanese sailing vessels with gunfire south of the Malakka Strait.
1945Spirit (P245)HMS Spirit sinks the Japanese Ryushin Maru with gunfire in the Java Sea. She also sinks another enemy vessel.
1945Thrasher (N37)HMS Thrasher sinks four Japanese sailing vessels with gunfire of the west coast of Siam.
1945Rorqual (N74)HMS Rorqual lays 50 mines (minefield ML 026) off the Ritchies Archipelago to the east of Andaman Island.
1946Anchorite (P422)Launched
1962Valiant (S102)Laid Down
Lastest Comments
15.01.19 on page Tarpon (N17)
Hazel Parkes wrote:
    My grandmother Eliza Howarth ne Tatlock lost her son James Tatlock on the HMS Tarpon no c/ssx.16071 .She was notified on 29th may 1940 he was presumed dead as all hope had been given up. Its a comfort to read the informatio about his final resting place. Thankyou. Anne Parkes ( neice)...
03.01.19 on page Pussers Pot Mess
Gervais Coryton wrote:
    Excellent recipe! Should be accompanied by Periscope Cheese (tainted by diesel and boiled cabbage!). Submitted by 'Skin' ex-Torpedo Officer, HMS/M Oberon....
27.11.18 on page E15
Tim Cornish wrote:
    Able Seaman Frederick John Cornish was my Great Uncle. He joined the Navy in 1910 when he was 17 years old. He was on the E8 before joining the E15 on 1 April 1915. He was first reported as being captured after the E15 ran aground, but it seems the Secretary of State worked with the US Ambassador to...
10.11.18 on page E15
Jenny Mitchell wrote:
    Ernest Mitchell was my husband's great Uncle. Ernest and his younger brother Albert were orphaned as small boys. Ernest was taken from his home in Salisbury to live with an Aunt in Taunton. His brother was placed in an orphanage in London. Albert always said that he was an only child. Tracing the fa...
19.10.18 on page 1912 - 1929: Maidstone
Noel Baker wrote:
    My grandfather Thomas George Baker was a ships writer on HMS Maidstone from 15 Oct 1912 to 29 Oct 1913. He was married on June 3 1913 in Campden Hill, London; and subsequently invalided out on December 13 1913. Any information about him would be very appreciated...