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1908 - HMS C24
1958 - HMS Walrus
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1941 - HMS Utmost
1942 - HMS Una
1943 - HMS Saracen
1944 - Stonehenge
1944 - HMS Taku
1946 - HMS United
1970 - HMS Auriga

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Diary of a TelegraphistFri: 3rd July: 1942 at about 1700hrs sighted smoke, surfaced and chased until dark, saw it was a Jap aux naval ship, about 2,000 tons, unsuccessfully attacked her at 800yds range (2 fish) 1 missed, other went underneath. Dived and on coming up again heard a very loud explosion, later surfaced and went to gun action, hit her 5 times, she hit our bridge, one chap (Smithy) the bunting tosser injured, quite a lot of splinters, confirmed when we got back to harbour, she was sunk by us, heard making SOS signals on their radio.
Buckwheat HarrisWhile reading an old edition of the Submariners News I noticed a name in the xmas greetings column that brought back a few memories of my time in the 4th squadron based at Huntersbay in Sydney. That name was Buckwheat Harris or to give him his proper name Donald John Nathaniel Harris (according to buckwheat).
Canon Rupert LonsdaleRUPERT LONSDALE had the unhappy distinction of being the only British warship captain to have surrendered his ship to the enemy in the Second World War.
Captain Michael LumbySubmarine skipper who wreaked mayhem on axis shipping
Bill MorrisonBills prime Cause Celebre has resulted in his being included in the Guinness Book of Records as having made the deepest unaided ascent from a sunken submarine. He has other claims worthy of recognition, he was among those officers and men who trained many of the crews who joined the Twelfth Submarine Flotilla during WW2.
Derek LillimanJoined the 'Andrew' in 1944 at HMS Royal Arthur, Skegness (ex Butlins Holiday Camp) to be 'kitted up' and finally to HMS Ganges at Shotley as an HO (Hostilities Only). Halfway through Basic Training as a Seaman, the 'conscripts' on the course where shipped away into the Army leaving only the volunteers.
Lieutenant Douglas Ramsden AttwoodDouglas Attwood was born in Ulverston in Lancashire (now in Cumbria) on 18th Jan 1892.
Frederick Robert KnightHe joined the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd Class at HMS Boscawen on 6th Feb 1906 and was rated up to Boy 1st Class on 6th May 1906.
George Fagan BradshawGeorge Bradshaw joined Submarines when he was appointed to the Submarine depot Ship HMS Mercury at Portsmouth 'for Submarine Training' on 15th Sep 1909.
Hugh Lamberton DonaldOn leaving school Hugh Donald was employed as a kitchen boy. Hugh Donald joined the Royal Navy at Portsmouth as an Ordinary Seaman. He was advanced to Able Seaman on 20th Jul 1906.
Hugh Richard MarrackHugh Marrack was born on 5th Jul 1888 and he joined the Royal Navy as a Cadet on 15th Jan 1903.
Lieutenant Commander Thomas GodmanHe was born in Kingston upon Hull on 10th Jun 1889. On leaving school he joined the Merchant Marine and, before the First World War, he served as an Extra 3rd Mate on the Cunard Liner RMS CAMPANIA in which he was serving on 23rd Jul 1913. He had been appointed as a Probationary Sub Lieutenant, RNR on 30th Jun 1913. He was called up to the Royal Navy for 'Active Service' on 11th Aug 1914.
Coxswain Gordon SelbyGordon Selby, who 'Crossed the Bar' in Australia on 21st March 2007, is known to a whole generation of RN Submarine Officers by virtue of his being the Coxswain of the Submarine Officer Training Corps with the Royal Navy from 1950 until 1959.
Pomeroy - A Submariner FamilyIn 1964 there were two Members of the Dorset Branch of the Submarine Old Comrades Association with the surname Pomeroy. They were father and son!
Lockyer, Robert JohnStoker 1st Class Robert Lockyer was born in Hackney in London on 25th Feb 1891 and he was the son of Mr & Mrs Lockyer of 25, Homerton Terrace, Hackney, London.
Admiral Sir Claud Barrington BarryClaud Barry was born on 17 July 1891 in Weston-Super-Mare where his parents were then living. He was the eldest of two brothers, the younger, Stephen, became a Naval Captain. Claud's parents were Charles Edward born on 23 February 1859 and Maud P Low, the daughter of a Bristol timber merchant. Charles' elder brother was Admiral Sir Henry Barry, who died in 1908 and who must have had an early influence on Claud.

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