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HMS Tigris
T Class
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Laid Down:11-05-1938
Builder:Chatham Dockyard
Build Group:T Grp1
Fate:27 February 1943 - Probably depth charged off Capri by German UJ2210

Roll Of Honour
H Abrahams  Able Seaman
F Adams  Able Seaman
J Allbrighton  Stoker 1
L Allen  Able Seaman
E Andrews  Able Seaman
W Andrews  Ordinary Seaman
C Baker  Leading Seaman
C Batten  Leading Seaman
H Bennett  Leading Stoker
J Bovington  Ordinary Seaman
W Brown  Stoker Petty Officer
M Cassidy  Stoker 1
R Chalk  Petty Officer
D Clark  Stoker 1
G Colvin  Lieutenant Commander DSC DSO
T Crawley-Bovey  Lieutenant
W Culbert  Engine Room Artificer 3
D Dempster  Stoker 1
J Donachy  Able Seaman
W Douglas  Leading Steward MID
M Duffy  Petty Officer MID
R Eaton  Lieutenant
J Farrington  Signalman
S Forsey  Petty Officer Cook
J Hall  Ordinary Seaman
J Hill  Able Seaman
P Hurst  Leading Seaman
W King  Petty Officer
R Lea  Engine Room Artificer 4
H Lees  Engine Room Artificer 4 MID
W Lincoln  Engine Room Artificer DSM
G Lock  Stoker 1
J McCarron  Able Seaman
G Nicholson  Lieutenant (E) RNR
L Nicholson  Stoker 1
W Nutt  Stoker 1
J O’Connor  Able Seaman
W Pym  Able Seaman
W Quarrell  Petty Officer
L Raynor  Leading Seaman
C Rennie  Ordinary Seaman
L Rouse  Able Seaman
F Rowlett  Able Seaman
N Rundle  Leading Seaman
R Sampson  Lieutenant DSC
G Smith  Engine Room Artificer 4
J Soanes  Able Seaman
L St Sabbe  Lieutenant
F Tanner  Stoker Petty Officer
J Thomas  Leading Telegraphist
D Tooke  Leading Stoker
O Tucker  Leading Telegraphist
L Wells  Able Seaman
M Wiles  Able Seaman

01-09-1940:HMS Tigris sinks the French fishing vessel Sancte Michael with gunfire in the Bay of Biscay near Brest, France.
02-09-1940:HMS Tigris attacks the German submarine U-58 with torpedoes in the Bay of Biscay about 30 nautical miles south-west of Lorient, France. All torpedoes missed.
05-10-1940:HMS Tigris attacks a submarine with torpedoes in the Bay of Biscay. This might have been the Italian submarine Otario.
16-10-1940:HMS Tigris sinks the French fishing vessel Cimcour with gunfire in the Bay of Biscay.
02-11-1940:HMS Tigris fires two torpedoes against the Italian submarine Veniero in the Bay of Biscay of the Gironde estuary. Both torpedoes missed.
12-11-1940:HMS Tigris sinks the French fishing vessel Charles Edmond with gunfire about 70 nautical miles west of the Gironde estuary.
12-02-1941:HMS Tigris torpedoes and sinks the French fishing vessel Rene Camaleyre in the Bay of Biscay about 5 nautical miles east of Biarritz, France.
19-02-1941:HMS Tigris torpedoes and sinks the French merchant Jacobsen off Bayonne and the French merchant Guilvinec about 90 nautical miles south-west of the mouth of the Gironde estuary.
02-04-1941:HMS Tigris torpedoes and sinks the German tanker Thorn about 25 nautical miles west off the Loire estuary.
05-07-1941:The Italian submarine Michele Bianchi is torpedoed and sunk in the Bay of Biscay west of Bordeaux, France by the British submarine HMS Tigris.
17-08-1941:HMS Tigris torpedoes and sinks the Norwegian passenger/cargo ship Haakon Jarl near Sværholt, Norway.
13-09-1941:HMS Tigris torpedoes and sinks the German merchant Richard off the Rolvsoy Fjord about 11 nautical miles north-east of Hammerfest, Norway.
15-09-1941:HMS Tigris fires four torpedoes against the German merchant Bessheim in Lopphavet, Norway. All torpedoes missed.
17-09-1941:HMS Tigris fires four torpedoes against a merchant of 3000 tons in a German convoy in Lopphavet about 10 nautical miles west of Loppa Island, Norway. All four torpedoes missed.
26-09-1941:HMS Tigris torpedoes and heavily damages the German auxiliary submarine chaser UJ 1201 off the Rolvsoy Fjord.
14-10-1941:HMS Tigris attacks a convoy off the Laksfjord. Tigris fired three torpedoes but missed the Norwegian merchants Mimona, Tugela and Havbris.
06-12-1942:The Italian submarine Porfido was torpedoed and sunk about 90 nautical miles north-north-east off Bone, Algeria by the British submarine HMS Tigris.
21-01-1943:HMS Tigris torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Citta di Genova in the Strait of Otranto about 25 nautical miles west of Saseno Island
27-02-1943:HMS Tigris sailed from Malta on 18th February for a patrol south of Naples. HMS Tigris was last sighted at 0730 on the 24th February, 39 miles from Capri.

On the morning of the 27th UJ2210, escorting a convoy six miles south east of Capri made contact with a submarine and carried out three depth charge attacks, the third attack brought oil to the surface and the contact was noted to be stationary. A forth attack of fifteen depth charges brought a huge bubble of air to the surface. On 6th March Tigris was ordered to Algiers but there was no reply to this signal and Tigris failed to return to harbour.

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Length overall  275ft
Beam  26ft 6in
Depth  14ft 3in
Displacement   1327 tons (surface) / 1575 tons (submerged)
Diving Depth  300 feet
Speed  Surface 15.25 knots (design) 15.25 knots (service) / Submerged 9 knots (design) 8.75 knots (service)
No. of shafts  2
Armament  {i) 8 21-inch bow tubes (2 external) 2 21-inch amidship tubes (16 torpedoes carried). 1 4-inch gun, (ii) 0.303-inch machine-guns
Endurance  Surface: 7500 miles at 15.25 knots (design) (ii) 8000 miles at 10 knots (service) / Submerged: 80 miles at 4 knots (design) 80 miles at 4 knots (service)
Complement   56
Note  (i) As an alternative load, Group 1 submarines could carry 18 mines. (ii) These were later replaced by, or supplemented by one 20mm Oerlikon cannon.

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