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HMS Rainbow
Rainbow Class
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Laid Down:24-07-1929
Builder:Chatham Dockyard
Build Group:R 2

4th October 1940, while attacking a convoy Rainbow collided with the Italian M/V Antonietta Costa and was lost with all hands.

Roll Of Honour
C Abbott  Stoker 1
D Adcock  Sub-Lieutenant
A Barrass  Stoker 1
A Blackett  Petty Officer
G Blackmore  Engine Room Artificer 2
S Bridge  Stoker Petty Officer
H Burgandy  Leading Seaman
F Bussey  Chief Engine Room Artificer
P Chapman  Lieutenant
J Chick  Able Seaman
I Cockin  Able Seaman
R Crump  Leading Stoker
M Davis  Lieutenant
T Dixon  Able Seaman
J Dunn  Leading Cook
G Earl  Able Seaman
G Edom  Petty Officer
J Edwards  Able Seaman
S Ellis  Leading Stoker
J Farrington  Telegraphist
T Fletcher  Leading Seaman
A Foster  Leading Telegraphist
W Fraser  Leading Seaman
J Graham  Leading Seaman
C Gregory  Stoker 1
A Guppy  Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist
H Hayward  Leading Stoker
H Hodson  Engine Room Artificer 3
N Holroyd  Stoker 1
J Jeffrey  Signalman
C McKinstry  Stoker Petty Officer
A McMillan  Petty Officer
L Moore  Lieutenant Commander
H Palmer  Engine Room Artificer 1
J Parker  Leading Telegraphist
W Paulyn  Leading Stoker
F Phillips  Stoker 1
F Pilkington  Leading Seaman
B Robinson  Chief Engine Room Artificer
T Smith  Leading Seaman
W Smith  Stoker 1
J Stannard  Leading Seaman
F Stinton  Leading Stoker
V Taylor  Leading Stoker
R Thornton  Stoker 1
G Tweed  Lieutenant
J White  Able Seaman
J Wilkins  Able Seaman
W Withey  Lieutenant (E)
G Woodcock  Able Seaman
A Woodhead  Engine Room Artificer 3
H Wrennall  Leading Stoker
A Wright  Leading Stoker
F Young  Leading Seaman

Ex 16R

04-10-1940:HMS Rainbow was on patrol in the Mediterranean, operating in the Gulf of Taranto and later in the Gulf of Otranto. She was due back in Alexandria on 19th October but failed to return. On 4th October while attacking a convoy Rainbow collided with the Italian M/V Antonietta Costa and was lost with all hands.

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Length overall  287ft 2in
Beam  29ft 11in
Depth  16ft 11 7/8in
Displacement   1763 tons (surface) / 2030 tons (submerged)
Diving Depth  500 feet
Speed  Surface 17 to 17.5 knots (design) 17.5 knots (service) / Submerged 9 knots (design) 8.75 knots (service)
No. of shafts  2
Propeller  3 blades. 6ft 9in dia
Armament  6 21-inch bow tubes, 2 21-inch stern tubes (14 torpedoes carried). 1 4-inch gun
Endurance  Surface: 11400 miles at 8 knots (design) 10900 miles at 8 knots (service) / Submerged: 60 miles at 4 knots (design) 8.8 miles at 8.8 knots or 60 miles at 4 knots (service)
Complement   53

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