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This is the website of the Barrow-in-Furness Branch of the Submariners Association. The Premier UK resource on the internet for Submariners and anyone interested in the Royal Navy Submarine Service.

Vickers and Barrow are names synonymous with the development of the submarine. Hundreds of submarines covering virtually every class have been built for the Royal Navy and foreign Navies. This site is dedicated to not only to those who have served on Her Majesty's Submarines but also to those employees past and present whose skills and efforts have given pride to the phrase 'Barrow built' and made the name Vickers known and respected throughout the world.

Latest News

May 17, 2015
Indian Navy Soon To Be The Most Formidable Submarine Force On The Planet! 
May 16, 2015
Diary at Durham University provides clues to finding stricken wartime submarine 
May 12, 2015
North Korea could have missile-launching submarine within 5 years 
May 1, 2015
The Kremlin just launched what it claims is the 'quietest submarine in the world' 
April 30, 2015
Missing WWII submarine HMS Urge found off Libyan coast 
April 29, 2015
Finnish military drop DEPTH CHARGES on 'foreign submarine' 
April 23, 2015
Gallipoli 2015: Australia's pioneering AE2 submarine remembered in Dardanelles ceremony 
April 18, 2015
Submarine-based Trident remains the optimum capability for the UK 
April 16, 2015
Ardglass trawler dragged backwards 'by submarine' 
April 13, 2015
Chinese boats on pirate patrol 
April 7, 2015
Russian Nuclear Sub 'On Fire In Dry Dock' 
April 6, 2015
Chinese navy prepares to launch three new and upgraded nuclear submarines 
April 5, 2015
Chinese navy prepares to launch three new and upgraded nuclear submarines 
April 5, 2015
The hunt for Orzel: Search resumes for heroic Polish submarine, lost in the North Sea during World War Two 

Have You Read

Adventures in the Adriatic
The Rorqual penetrated to the head of the Adriatic to lay a minefield, There is no doubt that this operation was fruitful, for the Italian destroyer Francesco Stocco was soon after blown in half off Fiume. Her mines laid, the Rorqual proceeded on offensive patrol farther south in the Adriatic, there to encounter one of the most curious targets ever attacked by a submarine. Read It

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