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Vickers and Barrow are names synonymous with the development of the submarine. Hundreds of submarines covering virtually every class have been built for the Royal Navy and foreign Navies. This site is dedicated to not only to those who have served on Her Majesty's Submarines but also to those employees past and present whose skills and efforts have given pride to the phrase 'Barrow built' and made the name Vickers known and respected throughout the world.

On This Day - April 23

18901891 - 1920: St GeorgeLaid down
1918C1Filled with dynamite and scheduled to be blown up at Zeebrugge Mole but was spared
1940Tetrarch (N77)18:30 Sighted a Southbound enemy convoy bearing 270, distance about 5 nautical miles. The convoy was made up of a large merchant vessel and three escorts. They are described as destroyers in the patrol report but they were not destroyers. The vessels were Ahrensburg on passage from Larvik to Fredrikshaven according to Rowher, escorted by T153, T155, F5, F8 and the minesweepers R33, R37 and R40

18:33 Tetrarch fired two torpedoes, range 4,000 yards, flat calm. Went deep and retired at high speed.

1837: Returned to periscope depth. Three escorting destroyers were seen approaching down the torpedo tracks a high speed. One of the destroyers was only 1500 yards away. Tetrarch went to 300 feet at full speed. Trim lost. Mills temporarily lost control and the boat dived to 400'

At 20:00 hours A/S trawlers joined in the hunt for Tetrarch

22:22 Surfaced, sighted two trawlers 1,000 yards away bearing down fast. Two torpedoes were fired. One one torpedo hit the UB boat. German sources indicate just three survivors.

Tetrarch was kept down at night and was therefore unable to charge batteries. Tetrarch eventually surfaced at 2130 hours on 24 April 1940 and set course back to Rosyth
1943Sickle (P224)HMS Sickle fires two torpedoes against the Italian merchant Mauro Croce off Sagunto, Spain. The torpedoes ran under the target and Sickle fired 19 rounds with her deck gun but failed to hit the target.
1943Syrtis (P241)Completed
1943Vagabond (P18)Laid Down
1945Seneschal (P255)Launched
2014Vigilant (S30)HMS Vigilant returned from patrol to her home on the Clyde

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11.04.17 on page Upholder/Victoria Class Propulsion
Craig wrote:
    Excellent article. However the account of the flashover is slightly incorrect. I was the person looking into the Main Motor during the BIS crash reversal. (VSEL Commissioning Engr, it wasn't a "tiff"). I still have the hand-written reports of the incident (and the T-shirt!). As I recall, we propelle...
02.04.17 on page A Shotley Boy
victor john monan wrote:
    I have just read my dads story although sadly he passed away in 2001 but I am sure that what he endured helped make him the fantastic person he became....
01.02.17 on page Lieutenant Douglas Ramsden Attwood, DSC, Royal Navy Reserve
Thomas Lewis wrote:
    Hello Mike Attwood, Douglas Ramsden Attwood was one of my grandfather's brothers. My mother was married in May 1944, and told me that she was "given away" by her Uncle Carden, because her father was away on active service. Tom Lewis...
29.01.17 on page Sceptre (S104)
Stephen Lee wrote:
    I was privileged to attend the launch of Sceptre. At the time I worked for Leyland Trucks and one of our customers was Bradys of Barrow in Furness, who sourced me a ticket. Co-incidentally my home town was Wigan. I have since always felt an affinity for the Submarine Service, and very many years lat...
11.01.17 on page Pooped Aboard HMS Artful
Lynne Brayne wrote:
    I'm very sad that Les is no longer with us as I contacted him back in 2010. Unfortunately I then became poorly with kidney disease and didn't keep up the contact. My Dad, George Graves was on this same expedition and I have a photo of them all on the boat which pulled alongside, as Les mentioned he...